Dr. Javaka Moore





Born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.



Graduated from San Fernando Boys Roman Catholic school.



Graduated from Presentation College, San Fernando.



Howard University BSMD Biology with a particular interest in black diaspora studies.

BSMD Biology


Howard University MD/Ph.D. molecular biology and genetics – did not complete.


Investigated and provided evidence to Ansell Inc V.P. Patricia Balto of hundreds of defective Lifestyles condoms being distributed by community clinics in Florida. This led to the global recall of 57 million defective condoms worldwide by Ansell inc.

washingtonpost NJ company recalls 57 million condoms



Graduated from Howard University College of Medicine – recipient of the Emile Nash award for ability in internal medicine.


2000 – 2001


Howard University Hospital internal medicine residency – one year.

2001 – 2002


Traveled to Trinidad, Venezuela, and Cuba to learn about strategies used to impact global healthcare disparities.

2002 – 2006


Howard University Hospital, OBGYN residency.



Imo state, Nigeria mission trip.

2005 – 2006


Administrative chief resident.



HUH OBGYN call coverage after graduating residency.

Dimensions OBGYN Associates, Prince George’s hospital.



Excel OBGYN’s partnership with Kathy Mahalati providing inpatient OBGYN coverage Laurel
Regional Hospital.





Largest and fastest growing women’s health network in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Largest affordable pre-natal and preventive care provider for uninsured and self-pay women in PG County and Washington DC.

The only OBGYN provider in the Washington DC metropolitan region with a policy of accepting all pregnant patients regardless of gestational age or their high-risk status. Moore OBGYN has never charged patients late or cancellation fees in the history of the practice.

The only OBGYN provider with a policy of not sending patients to collections agencies secondary to inability to pay for services.

In 2009, the Prince George’s county health department stopped providing prenatal care for indigent/ uninsured patients. Moore OBGYN immediately dropped its self-pay prenatal care and delivery pricing to the lowest rates in the United States for any private entity. These prices of $100 for a prenatal visit, $100 for an ultrasound, and $1500 for delivery (vaginal, VBAC, or c-section) remained in place from 2009 to 2022.

The only OBGYN provider to manufacture and offer prenatal vitamins to all pregnant and lactating patients free of charge.

First to implement electronic medical records, in-house office Ultrasonography and Phlebotomy in Prince George’s county.

First OBGYN practice to offer non-invasive prenatal genetic testing for all patients, including uninsured patients, since 2013.

Moore OBGYN has delivered approximately 12,000 babies since 2008.

Lowest c-section, NICU admission, maternal and perinatal mortality rates in the Washington DC metropolitan region.



Delivered the state of Maryland’s first set of quintuplets since 1974.

Prince Georges’s County mom gives birth to quintuplets



Traveled to Addis Ababa, and Ethiopia to learn about strategies used to impact global healthcare disparities. The decision was made on this trip to initially focus on donating enough continuous fetal monitors to equip the six largest hospitals in Addis Ababa fully.


Traveled to Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Beijing to build manufacturing relationships in Asia. Traveled to Contec Inc. in Qinhuangdao, China, to design a continuous fetal monitor for sustainable and affordable use in low-resource settings throughout Africa.


The first donations of sixty continuous fetal monitoring machines were made to six public hospitals in Addis Ababa, and Ethiopia. This number was increased to 200 fetal monitors in 21 public and Teaching Hospitals.



One hundred fifty fetal monitors were donated to 25 hospitals in Eritrea.


Met with ambassadors and diplomatic leadership of Ghana, South Sudan, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Djibouti.


Traveled to the Republic of Ghana to learn about strategies used to impact global healthcare disparities.


Donation to the Republic of Ghana of 130 fetal monitors, 50 maternal cardiovascular monitors, five neonatal CPAP ventilators, and 20 neonatal pulse oximeters.



Donation of 50 continuous fetal monitors to public and teaching hospitals in Lagos and Ogun states, Nigeria.



2020 recipient of the George Washington University Rodham institute Beacon of Light award in recognition of work done to address healthcare disparities in Washington DC.


Donation of 22,000 N95 masks to Sierra Leone.



Donation of 6,500 N95 masks to Trinidad and Tobago.



Set up a $150,000 scholarship endowment fund ($45,000 donation) with six other physicians for Trinidadian students matriculating through Howard University.